Rada Pool Bar

Rada's Pool Bar Restaurant

The Pool Bar Rada.

Bask in the sun and dive in the crystal blue waters of our pool at Rada's Pool Bar .
Relax by the pool on your comfortable sun loungers, sipping one of our signature cocktails and relishing the unrivalled views to Skiathos Town and the islands of Tsougria and Arkos. Watch the sun reflected on the surface of the water playfully and enjoy every single moment, from dusk till dawn..

The pool will offer you a romantic getaway and the perfect canvas on which all the colours are blended magically around you. Enjoy the refreshing water of the pool and swim gracefully, while you admire the view and the lavishness of our customer oriented services.

Rada's Beach bar plays musical selections that excite even the most "difficult" habitué. At the same time tiny shots and colourful cocktails flowing abundantly!! Background music decorating your dives in the pool and the beach Our staff will be there for you at all times. We created a beautiful place that you will remember