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Welcome to Rada Seaside Restaurant & Beach bar in Skiathos.

It is with great excitement to announce the new Mediterranean & Sea Foof Rada Restaurant. Under a new management, and with that comes a new look and menu.
A journey of the senses... You’ll fall in love with it at first sight !! its location, decoration and aura render the space a must. .

The new Rada seaside Restaurant , is beautiful new restaurant by the sea located on Vassilias beach . If you are in Skiathos and you are after a beach restaurant, with original Mediterranean & Seafood cuisine , then this is your ideal choice.
All the above are on offer plus an inventive and tempting menu. It’s just fascinating how Rada Restaurant manages to finely balance its modern, cosmopolitan nature with an unpretentious atmosphere, being relaxed yet boasting excellent, informal service.

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RADA .."An open place near the shore where ships may anchor "

"The night I told you under the awning a story the same one the seamen say while at rada but your eyes were governed by the sirocco and you were murmuring hoarsely: "The heading's askew...!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Campay's Water BY Nikos Kavvadias
Greek sailor, poet and writer
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"Τη νύχτα σου 'πα στο καμπούνι μια ιστορία την ίδια που όλοι οι ναυτικοί λένε στη ράδα τα μάτια σου τα κυβερνούσε σοροκάδα κι όλο μουρμούριζες βραχνά: "Φάλτσο η πορεία...!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Campay's Water tου Νικου Καββαδια
Ελληνας ναυτικος , ποιητησ ,και συγγραφεας ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΠΕΡΙΣΣΟΤΕΡΑ

We cook with Wine
Sometimes we even add it to the food!

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The Restaurant

Vassilias Beach

In the cosmopolitan beach of Vassilias,Rada Restaurant creates the perfect summer backdrop. An atmospheric seaside haven, playing with the shades of white and sand. Think laid-back lounge

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The Pool Bar


Rada's Pool Bar is an oasis among olive trees, where guests can relax on a lounge chair and sip exotic drinks while basking in the desert sun.

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The Beach

Vassilias Beach

Vassilias beach is a haven of relaxation . The shallow waters and the spectacular views to the island of Tsougria and Arkos makes it very safe for children . There is service on the beach for you to enjoy your drinks or food .

Located next to Rada Restaurant Find out more !

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